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November 15th-16th, 2019
Mercure Bucharest Unirii

Inaugural Romanian Lymphedema Congres

Honored Guests,

Just as an impaired lymph flow causes lymphedema, an impaired flow of knowledge causes delayed progress in any field of work.

Over the years, lymphedema has become a constant presence in medical practices, especially in the oncological field. An incurable disease that, without proper treatment, can cause major physical and psychological consequences for the patient, lymphedema has remained one of the world's major healthcare problems. In many countries, and especially in Romania, there is a considerable gap between the latest international medical expertise and protocols, and patient’s limited access to information and treatment.

Taking into consideration the above, there is no doubt that specialized professionals must be thoroughly trained, in order to have comprehensive knowledge about this complex disease, and to use any therapeutical approach in the diagnostic, treatment, and prevention of lymphedema.

The Romanian Society for the Study and Treatment of Lymphedema (RSSTL), established only in 2018, is the newest node in the Romanian lymphedema management chain, with the mission to:
• unite the specialized scientific community (physicians, researchers, nurses, therapists, and other professionals) for the benefit of lymphedema patients,
• disseminate the latest knowledge on lymphedema prevention and treatment methods,
• raise awareness of young specialists about this disease,
• ensure that lymphedema becomes a priority on national healthcare agendas everywhere,
• pave the way for further advances in this area of expertise.

In this context, RSSTL is proud to announce the Inaugural Romanian Lymphedema Congress, held between November 15th and 16th, in Bucharest. It would be a great honor and privilege to rely on your attendance.

Through this Congress, we wish to raise awareness about lymphedema itself, about prevention, diagnostic and treatment methods used throughout the world, to enhance therapeutical skills, and to open up communication channels between the members of the “lymphedema community”.

The Scientific Committee and invited faculty from Romania and abroad are working on a program that will be relevant for both healthcare professionals, patients, researchers, as well as medical industry specialists.

We hope to see you all in Bucharest, between 15th and 16th of November 2019!

Best regards,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee